The project
Empty uterus is a blog and a book in the making about childless women around the world.

The background
In 2009, hoping to find an answer to whether I wanted to have children or not, I decided to start a blog with the primary intent to dig deeper into the possibilities and share all the material I could find about the process of reflecting and deciding on becoming a mother and the childless option with other women who might be looking for the same information.

Over time, my interest for the theme grew immensely, as did the scope of the research, and what started as a personal journey revealed itself as something much bigger: a book about women who live without children of their own. Now, both the blog and the book are called Empty Uterus.

The blog
A library where I archive parts of my research: reviews of movies, books, podcasts, theater plays, magazine and newspaper articles I’ve come across since I started the quest to better know and understand the childless path.

The book
A collection of interviews with childless women from several countries. Still in the making.

The intent
To create a virtual living room full of material for women who chose not to have children, who are childless by circumstance or who are ambivalent about motherhood.

The visitors
You can claim your seat in two different ways:

  • by visiting this blog, as regularly as you wish, reading the posts and exploring the different pages (on the top menu) filled with books, movies, podcasts, etc. about the childless life.


  • by requesting a place in the Empty Uterus book and telling me your story (if you wish to know more, contact me via email, social media or comments in one of the posts).

Either way, what matters the most is that you got here.

I hope that the content carefully created and curated for this blog will prove useful to you somehow and I wish you the best of luck in your self-discovery journey.